Which benefits?

    Fully compatible with 3gpp & OMA assistance standards, ELAASTIC offers a more precise and faster location and guarantees a full confidentiality of your location data, with better availability in harsh environments.

    ELAASTIC also provides with position authentication for those applications with liability/safety/security criticality.

    Finally, ELAASTIC allows the mobile devices to save energy when trying to locate themselves.

LAAS service Architecture

Who can use it?

ELAASTIC addresses the needs of many stakeholders along the LBS, M2M, IoT value chain:

  • GNSS chipsets manufacturers,
  • Mobile devices manufacturers,
  • Mobile Networks Operators,
  • System integrators.
Examples of tests performed with ELAASTIC in Europe


The LaaS server provides

  • Coarse position and GNSS assistance data (real time almanacs, ephemeris) to clients.
  • Assistance data which are either Real Time assistance for immediate need (TTFF) or Long Term assistance in case the user moves in areas without continuous cell towers coverage.
  • Additional services that augment the accuracy of the position (differential corrections) and enable the authentication of the position.

Here are examples of services and their application:

Coarse positioning ( WIFI , cell id) Positioning in Urban area
Indoor Galileo enhancement E112
Position authentication All M2M applications for billing
Egnos and local differential corrections Precise positioning in automotive applications