Which usage?

Location of assets and persons is a Must in our Societies, more and more related with mobility.

In harsh environments such as cities, existing mobile applications suffer poor location performances, very often in best effort mode, despite the regular improvement of the satellite positioning systems obtained through the modernization of GPS, the upgrade via EGNOS and the arrival of Galileo and other global constellations.

GNSS signals-based solution suffers from masking or interference in dense cities where new generation apps should benefit from better location service.

ELAASTIC’s main achievements are :

  • A Business offer for an European based worldwide LaaS (Location as a Service), involving major European companies and worldwide actors in the LBS field and the M2M/road field.
  • LaaS operation from a European base, by a European company, Telespazio, already involved in E-GNSS operations (EGNOS, Galileo), thus ensuring the independence of Europe regarding the infrastructure of the GNSS support.
  • Availability of services based on Galileo signal distinguishing features: lower tracking sensitivity (13dBHz), enhanced multi-path mitigation, position authentication based on GALILEO Open Signals and multi-constellation integrity .
  • A set of APIs for the community of the GNSS chipsets providers, allowing them to take advantage of the developments.
  • To provide the results of the ELAASTIC at standardization bodies, to ensure that the norms and standards support the use of Galileo signal distinguishing features.
Network on Earth

New services such as position authentication have been developed as part of premium services for M2M applications, while for the LBS market, innovative signal processing algorithms, using Galileo signal distinguishing features (pilot tone, enhanced tracking), have been developed on the GNSS chipset, to extend the user positioning availability in difficult environments in view to contributing to future eCall and E112 deployment.