ELAASTIC applications examples

The ELAASTIC service is available and operational by the end of the project.

Two pilot projects have been identified: G-MOTTIT and E-airport; with G-MOTTIT experimenting successfully the M2M client developed as part of the ELAASTIC project.

The following figures provide some examples of performances obtained with AGNSS data provided by the ELAASTIC server to an electric scooter in Barcelona equipped with the ELAASTIC M2M platform. The test was performed by PILDO and the duration of the run is 16 minutes.

It has to be added that M2M unit has been easily installed and operated by PILDO alone and no support from ELAASTIC had to be present in Barcelona.



With ELAASTIC’s automotive location service, the position accuracy, reliability and Time-To-First-Fix is improved compared to standalone GNSS solutions in the car.

The ELAASTIC location service is an option to enhance the following automotive use cases:

  • eCall with precise positioning of the caller. It is a mandatory feature in EU and Russia; further regions are expected to join.
  • ADAS includes a long list of driver assistance applications, which all together form the basis for the future semi- and fully-autonomous driving solutions. These are functions like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, lane changing assist, automatic emergency braking etc.
  • Car2X, where precise positioning is mandatory for i.e. safety applications.
  • Electronic Tolling (RUC = Road User Charging).
  • Insurance telematics, also known as UBI, Usage Based Insurance.