ELAASTIC (European Location As A Service Targeting International Commerce)

Satellites constellation ELAASTIC (European Location As A Service Targeting International Commerce) provides a European based location service worldwide based on GNSS and course based positioning on WiFI/Cell for the LBS and M2M applications. ELAASTIC provides:

1. A “Location As A Service” platform focused on delivering reliable location technologies with innovative features based on EGNOS and Galileo signal specificities,

2. An optimized End to End set of location services with full consistency between the Galileo signals, the chipset’s capabilities and additional location infrastructures (e.g. WiFi,3g, 4g),

3. Compliance with industry standards for location (e.g. OMA SUPL 2.0), with willingness to contribute to their extension,

4. An Ecosystem to ease the deployment of value added services such as eCall and E112. This service is provided by European (independent of US corporations) companies with a focus on supporting the development of EGNSS downstream European companies working in the sector. The ELAASTIC service has been built through collaboration of five global leaders in location technology: Telespazio France, ST-microelectronics, Thales Alenia Space France, Rx Networks, and Novero. It is further supported by a continuously updated world wide database of 375 million Wi-Fi APs and 42 million cell towers.

ELAASTIC Client on Smartphone

The GNSS assistance data applies to GPS, GALILEO, GLONAS and BEIDOU constellations and an EGNOS receiver provides differential corrections.

The location service addresses difficult environments such as urban canyon with strong multipath and indoor localization where poor reception of GNSS signals occurs.

If you have a Location Based Services and want to connect to the LaaS server, ELAASTIC can provide you with several capabilities:

  • API, if you want to develop your own client,
  • An API library that you can integrate with your application,
  • Clients for smartphones and M2M platforms.
The ELAASTIC project is a H2020-Galileo project funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA).